Who's Who at CO?

Your Central Office Contact List
To help you get your questions or concerns to the right person!

Kenneth Knight
Director of Finance
[email protected]

 Budgeting                         Forecasting                         
 Finance oversight HR oversight

Human Resources Coordinator

Accounting & Payroll Coordinator
[email protected]
 Insurance and benefits Workers Compensation  Payroll W2s
 Accruals (VC, sick time, etc) Recruitment  Direct Deposit Timesheets
 FMLA/ADA accommodations  Covid related time off  Witholding General accounting
 ID badges/access  Retirement    
Sue Vickstrom
HR Secretary
[email protected]

Accounts Payable Secretary
[email protected]

 Frontline access ESS time entry Invoices Purchase Orders
 Employment verification Employee onboarding Orders 1099s
 Name/address changes Certification/records Receiving General accounting

Siobhan Brannen
Business Office Secretary
[email protected]

Food service finance Building use
Free and reduced lunch Operations/Tech Purchasing
Facilities Purchasing
Accident reports

Anita Cleetus
Executive Assistant to the Superintendent
[email protected]

Tuition reimbursement  Board of Education
Communications School calendar updates
BoE meeting postings

Wayne Donaldson
Director of Facilities
[email protected]

Maintenance concerns Safety

Mike F
Director of Operations
[email protected]

COVID-19: guidelines, contact tracing & supplies IT oversight                                                             
Security & Safety Transportation oversight
Food Service oversight  

Jessica Ciccone
Student Services Secretary
[email protected]

Student services data Restraint & seclusion
Home School Home bound tutoring

Kaitlyn Welzant
Student Services Procurement Secretary
[email protected]

Special Education Transportation  Special Education Purchasing

Arlyn Davis
Admin Assistant for Curriculum & Operations
[email protected]

Assistant Superintendent Scheduling            Student Enrollment