The Connecticut State Department of Education and Bureau of Special Education (BSE), has implemented a new Individualized Education Program (IEP) document and the Special Education Data System (CT-SEDS). 

This new system will:  

The New IEP (Draft Form)
Side by Side Comparison of the New IEP vs the Old IEP

  1.  ensure all districts in the State of CT are utilizing the same IEP/504 platform
  2. streamline the look of IEP/504 documents making them easier to read/understand
  3. translate various documents into 10 different languages:
             Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Creole-Haitian,  Mandarin, Albanian, Polish, Urdu, Bengali, & Vietnamese
  4. assist in improving the quality of IEP/504 plans for all students

CT-SEDS includes a PARENT PORTAL where families have access to their student's IEP/504 and other documents associated with their individualized instruction and supports.