Immunization Requirements

Immunization Requirements

In accordance with Connecticut General Statutes 10-204a, 10-208, 10-214, and 19a-7f, the following immunization and health assessment policy is established for all students entering Ledyard Public Schools.

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Immunization Requirements for the 2024-2025 SY


Written verification with complete dates of immunizations is required prior to school entry. The school nurse will verify immunizations and inform parent of deficiencies. No student will be allowed to complete registration without meeting immunization requirements.

Immunizations may be administered free of charge by the school nurse after a permission slip is signed by the parents.

Failure to comply with the immunization schedule will result in exclusion.


  • Immunizations are in progress. A certificate must be presented from a physician, APRN, PA with written order of M.D., or a local health department stating that initial immunizations have been initiated during the month prior to attendance and that initial immunizations are in progress.

  • Initial immunizations should include DPT or DTAP, DT, Tdap or Td, MMR, IPV, HBV and HIB (if under age 5), Varicella (if no proof of immunity).

  • Immunization is medically contraindicated in accordance with CGS 10-204a-1(d). A certificate must be presented from a physician licensed in the United States that an immunization is not in the best health interest of an individual in accordance with (1) the then current recommendation of the United States Public Health Service Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, Center for Disease Control or American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Infectious Disease, or (2) has written approval of the commissioner of health service for anycase not resolvable by reference to the recommendations specified in 1. Medical contraindications that are of a temporary nature must be reviewed annually. Permanent medical contraindication requires no further review.

  • Immunization is contrary to religious beliefs. A signed "Religious Exemption Certificate Form" required for religious exemption must be presented. This form is available from the School Nurse.

  • The student has had a natural infection confirmed by written verification in form of a certified laboratory report and a physician's, physician assistant's, or advanced practice registered nurse's confirmation must be presented.

Health Assessment and Exemptions

The health assessment must include a complete physical examination, including height, weight, blood pressure, hematocrit or hemoglobin test, screenings for hearing, vision, gross dental, TB (tuberculosis) risk assessment or test results and a Chronic Disease Assessment. Health Assessment Records (blue physical forms) are available from the School Nurse.

Health Assessments are required: 1. Prior to entering school for the first time 2. During grades 6 or 7 and again at grades 9 and 10.

Failure to comply with physicals by the end of 7th or 10th grade will result in exclusion from school.

Health assessments from other school districts will be accepted if in compliance with State and Board of Education requirements and time guidelines. Additional health information or an updated physical shall be required if a student's health status has significantly changed or if there are known health concerns.

Parents or guardians are responsible for providing the required health assessments. However, any student who is required to have a school health assessment and meets financial requirements of the free lunch program, may receive a health assessment from the school physician at no cost. Parents should consult with the school nurse who will make arrangements for the health assessment.

Also, parents should consult with the school nurse if there are religious or medical contraindications to the required health assessment. If you have any questions, please contact the Ledyard Regional VNA, or contact the school nurse at the appropriate school.

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