Special Education

 Ledyard Public Schools is committed to providing a free and appropriate public education for all students with disabilities. As the Student Services Department, our mission is to ensure that all students with disabilities receive quality instruction that is personalized to meet their individual needs while maintaining high standards of achievement.

The Special Education process is initiated by a written request for an evaluation of a child who is suspected of having a disability and would require specially designed instruction.   District personnel, parent/guardian or student can make a referral to Special Education at any time.  Once the referral is made and documented in writing, a Planning & Placement Team meeting will be scheduled to discuss the areas of concern noted on the referral, review existing student data and determine if evaluations to determine a disability are warranted.  For more information pertaining to the referral process in Ledyard, please review the Ledyard Public Schools: Referral to Special Education Process
 CT-SEDS & The New IEP

The Connecticut State Department of Education & The Bureau of Special Education (BSE) are working with districts to implement a new IEP format and a new statewide Special Education Data System, CT-SEDS. Please use the links below for further details pertaining to various components of CT-SEDS. 

The New IEP (Draft Form)

Side by Side Comparison of the New IEP vs the Old IEP

Parent Portal Quick Reference Guide




Ledyard Public School participates in the CT Medicaid School Based Child Health Program which enables us to request reimbursement from HUSKY for the health-related special education services included in IEP or 504 plan.  When consent for Medicaid billing is signed there will be 
no impact on you, your child or your HUSKY benefits
the program is no cost
to you.
Your consent enables Ledyard Public Schools to receive valuable reimbursement funds from the SBCH program which allow us to continue to improve and enhance our special education program.

Medicaid Questions & Answers