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Curriculum and Instruction

Preschool Curriculum

K-8 Unified Arts Curriculum  

Music Curriculum Grades K - 8

Instrumental Music Curriculum Grade 6-8

Physical Education Curriculum Grades K - 8 

Art Curriculum Grades K - 8

Family & Consumer Science Grades 7 - 8

Health Curriculum Grade 5

Health Curriculum Grade 7  

Health Curriculum Grade 8

Library & Information Literacy Curriculum Grades K - 12

Digital Literacy Grades 7 - 8

K-8 English Language Arts Curriculum

Grades K-5 Foundational Skills

K-5 Learning Progression

Grades K-8 Conventions

Grade K  Grade 5
Grade 1  Grade 6
Grade 2  Grade 7
Grade 3  Grade 8
Grade 4  

Grades K-8 Reading Units

Grade Kindergarten Reading Units 

Grade 4 Reading Units  

Grade Kindergarten Writing Units 

Grade 4 Writing Units 

Grade 1 Reading Units  

Grade 5 Reading Units 

Grade 1 Writing Units 

Grade 5 Writing Units 

Grade 2 Reading Units 

Grade 6 ELA Units 

Grade 2 Writing Units 

Grade 7 ELA Units 

Grade 3 Reading Units 

Grade 8 ELA Units 

Grade 3 Writing Units  


K-8 Mathematics Curriculum

Math Curriculum Grade PreK    Math Curriculum Grade 5 
Math Curriculum Grade K   Math Curriculum Grade 6  
Math Curriculum Grade 1   Math Curriculum Grade 7  
Math Curriculum Grade 2   Math Grade 7 Accelerated   
Math Curriculum Grade 3   Math Curriculum Grade 8  
Math Curriculum Grade 4   


K-8 Science Curriculum

Science Curriculum Grades K - 8 (currently being revised)

Science Curriculum Grade K (New June 2017)

Science Curriculum Grade 1  (New June 2017)

Science Curriculum Grade 2  (New June 2017)  

K-8 Social Studies Curriculum 

Social Studies Curriculum Grades K - 8 (currently being revised)

Social Studies Curriculum Grade 5 (New July 2017)

Social Studies Curriculum Grade 6 (New July 2017)

Social Studies Curriculum Grade 7 (New July 2017)

Social Studies Curriculum Grade 8 (New July 2017)


Ledyard High School

Information on Ledyard High School courses can be found in the Ledyard High School Program of Studies handbook.

World Languages

Connecticut Mastery Test Resources and Publications

Science Handbook, 4th Generation