Proof of Residency

Proof of Residency Documents

Proof of Residency
Proof of residency can be verified by submitting either (a) one document from column A and one document from column B or (b) two documents from column B.  Only those items listed below will be accepted as proof of residency.  Each document submitted must specify the physical address of where the student lives; post office box addresses are not acceptable.

Documents for Proof of Residency

Column A

Column B

  • Rental or lease agreement
  • Purchase or escrow agreement


Dated within past 30 days:

  • Utility bill (gas, electric, telephone, cable TV, etc.)
  • Letter from an approved government agency (assisted housing, food stamps, unemployment payment, etc.)
  • Payroll stub
  • Bank or credit card statement
  • Valid Connecticut driver’s license
  • Current vehicle registration or insurance
  • Medical billing or insurance information

Dated within the past year:

  • Property tax bill

If the student’s family is living with another family in Ledyard, then: (1) they must provide a notarized statement from the person they are living with stating that they and their children live there, the address, and for what period of time; (2) documents showing that the person they are living with resides within District and school boundaries (as specified above); and one of the documents from column B, above, showing that they live at the location.  If the living situation is temporary, then once they have moved into their own residence, they will need to bring in proof of residency for their new address.