Registration Information for New Students

Registration Information

K-12 Registration

All students in Grades K, 7, and 11 are required by the State of Connecticut to have complete health assessments, including a complete physical examination, height, weight, blood pressure, hematocrit/hemoglobin test, tuberculosis test and screening for hearing, vision, speech (prior to initial enrollment only), gross dental and scoliosis.

Students entering from within the State of Connecticut have only to meet the above requirements. Students entering Ledyard Public Schools from out-of-state must have proof of physical assessment within the past calendar year or an updated physical prior to entering.

Proof of current immunizations must be submitted prior to completing registration. Required immunizations include: DPT or td, TOPV or IPV, HIB and MMR. For specific health information, check with the school office, school nurse or the Ledyard Public Health Nursing Service for immunization details.

Kindergarten Registration

To Register a child for kindergarten within the Ledyard Public Schools, parents must contact the school and pick up the appropriate health forms. Parents will be asked to present their child's birth certificate and immunization record to the school personnel. The results of a recent physical examination within one year prior to entry that include the results of a hematocrit and PPD/tine test must be provided prior to school entrance in August. State Law does not allow a child to enter school unless all immunization and physical examination requirements are met.

Children entering kindergarten must attain the age of 5 on or before January 1. In order to make appropriate arrangements for next year's kindergarten program, it is extremely important that all eligible youngsters be registered.

If you have any questions, please call the school.
Gales Ferry School 464-7664 Gallup Hill School 536-9477
Juliet W. Long School 464-2780 Ledyard Center School 464-8080
Ledyard Middle School 464-3188 Ledyard High School 464-9600